About Us

Brew Something Good With Cynergy’s All Organic And Hemp Infused Drinks.

We start by combining our in-house roasted gourmet coffee and tea blends with full spectrum hemp oil to give you a beautiful combination of a lively, yet relaxed beverage. Cynergy provides a consistent dosage of 25mg of full spectrum hemp oil in every cup of coffee and tea.

Cynergy comes packaged in recyclable and/or compostable pods that are compatible with all K-Cup® brewers, including the Keurig® 2.0 system.  High oxygen barrier cups are flushed with nitrogen to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.

Superior Taste

Cynergy’s formulations and organic blends are combined to give a superior tasting beverage experience

Accurate Dosing

We deliver reliable titration rate through single-serve pods solving the industry-wide problem of inaccurate dosing.

3rd Party Lab Tested

Cynergy’s proprietary formulation is third-party lab tested to provide transparency and product quality assurance.

Our Founder

Founder Joe Lopez has been in the coffee industry for over 30 years.  Beginning his career in the service department and working his way up into sales and marketing with General Foods, Wechsler Coffee Corporation, Rowland Coffee, and Dunkin Donuts.

Our Mission

Cynergy’s mission is to provide a premium and delicious group of hemp infused beverage products.  All of our products are manufactured and lab tested per batch to ensure compliance and quality assurance on every single cup produced at our facilities.

White Label Program

Cynergy offers a White Label Program that follows a five-step process including product development, packaging, manufacturing, lab testing and retail distribution.  Contact us to learn more about our White Label Program.

What Clients Say

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Why Choose Us?

An industry-wide problem has been inaccurate dosing. We deliver reliable titration rate through single-serve pods. Cynergy has developed a proprietary formulation and process to infusing full spectrum hemp oil into single-serve coffee and tea pods. Every Cup Is Infused with 25mg Hemp-Derived Full-Spectrum Oil.

Cynergy sources the best-in-class hemp-derived full spectrum oil from licensed hemp manufacturers in the United States using the most effective cannabinoid solvents that can produce an efficient extraction, while retaining high terpene content, and is also safe for consumption in its raw solvent form.

All of our packaging and coffee and tea capsules come in recyclable and/or compostable pods.

Cynergy provides free delivery on orders over $99 to the United States. Free delivery is included for our Cynergy Club Members.